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 Who Is Mx? 

Date of Publish - Saturday, 3rd March 2018

How many times have you filled up a form and had a look at the Mr/ Ms./Mrs. Selection and wondered what the transgender mark in there? Definitely not, but they do. The people facing this dilemma did so and raised their voice to get things changed.

In a revolutionary step, Tata Institute of Social Sciences has decided to provide a notation “Mx” where M comes from the standard titles and x is the universal unknown. This was the result of acceptance of the appeal of a second year student in the institute. From the 2018 convocation, the institute has decided to keep that option in the degrees so that no one feels the need to disclose their sexual orientation.

The step is applauded and gives us an inspiration to accord the same change in other institutions. Not just that, it needs to be present in all other forms as well. We are moving towards a time when we respect each other and do not make anyone feel inferior.

Some forms have had the option of ‘prefer not to say’ but this hasn’t been there everywhere. Introduction of Mx will provide them with a new identity and give them a sense of respect.

The Mx salutation is already recognised by the British government and this progressive step by TISS is just a start in our nation.

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Arushi Singla


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