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 What Is A Herbal Medicine? 

Date of Publish - Sunday, 5th November 2017

What is  Herbal Remedy/Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is the oldest and widely spread medicine in the world, which is made from the plants and these medicines are used to treat different diseases and help to promote health conditions. It is an alternative medicine without using the drugs. This treatment involves herbal medicines, biofeedback or it can be acupuncture.There are various types of herbal medicines that may differ from country to country. Every country has its own nature of treatment so even though the herbs are common to all the countries, it may differ in the part that is used to prepare the medicine.For instance, take Australia, the cultural types of medicines found are Western, Aboriginal, Auyurvedic etc., along with these cultural types, there are many other herbal treatments that may be unique in their treatments.The medicine that is made from herbal plant or a plant part which is used for its aroma, essence or for its therapeutic properties is Herbal Remedy. These herbal medicines work as a dietary supplement. This herbal medicine appears like tablets, capsules or power like substances.

Herbal Remedies

When the plants are used as a medicine, then it is stated as Herbal Remedies. These herbal remedies are used to get relief or to prevent to cure some diseases. People use these medicines to relax or get energy or even to lose their weight. The herbals do not taste like medicines. It is necessary for everybody to know about few facts related to the herbals before they use them.

 • Herbals are not controlled like medicines.

• They need not be tested before they are sold.

• Herbals need not work as they are explained because the labels which appear on the medicines do not give the apt information about the ingredients.• Sometimes the herbal remedies may not contain the exact ingredients which are listed on the labels.• Sometimes they use the contaminants for which they do not list on the labels. 

Are Herbals Safe

Many people have an idea that as herbals are from nature, the use of herbal medicines will work more effectively than that of the normal medicines. Yet “Herbal” does not mean safe in all circumstances if they are not taken as directed, some herbals may cause side effects as it contains toxic when they were taken in high doses.

Read the following examples to get a clear idea about the herbal remedies.

• Take the herb of ‘Kava’, which is used for anxiety, insomnia and also for the symptoms of menopause. Regarding this medicine, the FDA had issued a warning as it is causing liver damage. 

• People use ‘St.John’s Wort’ for depression, birth control, and other problems. This medicine in several patients caused stomach upset and for some patients caused anxiety by using this medicine.

• The bark named  ‘Yohimbe’ is used for erectile dysfunction, but this bark in some cases increased the blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety and also many side effects. Taking this dose continuously for long periods may be dangerous, so it should be observed by the patients.We can summarize that many herbs are safe and working well and curing many diseases. The only thing that one has to observe is the word ‘Natural’ does not mean that is safe for everybody in all circumstances.

How to select and use the best Herbal Remedies safely?

The research says that the herbal medicines are safe and better and make you feel better and keep you fit. But before selecting and using the herbal remedies the patients must be smart enough to choose the best medicine for their health problem.

Follow some of the tips before selecting the herbal remedies:

• Before selecting the medicine, check the product description. If they give too extra information that is- it works wonders, within seconds you will be free from the pain, or if it gives information like it is a miracle pill with which one can lose weight within no time if the information is unnatural, then you can consider that it is something thinkable. 

• Real life experiences are not scientific research reports. It may work wonders for one person, but at the same time, it may cause ill health on the others. Everybody has to observe that even it was prescribed by the doctor and work excellent with patients, but it is not always same with everybody as it was not scientifically proved. It may not always give the equal results with everyone.

• Always remember to buy the herbal remedies from the certified companies. You can check the labels like “USP” verified or “”, the medicines which have these labels are certified medicines and the companies will maintain the quality. 

• It is not suggested to use the herbal medicines for children and also for the aged people.• Pregnant ladies should not use herbal remedies.• Patients who have undergone any surgery should not take herbal remedies.

• Talk with your provider before you use any herbal remedies.Herbals remedies are “Natural” medicines, they give quicker and better results. The only thing that everybody should know is that they should be taken under proper guidance and checked before use if the medicine is suitable for their body nature. For best results, one can approach the National Health Centers.






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