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 Ways To Develop Personality 

Date of Publish - Friday, 19th October 2018
  1. Be a good listener: Listening is a very important behavioral aspect one needs to develop in his/her day to day activities. Listening to someone keenly gives the person a feeling of being felt important. The eye to eye contact, positive response to the speaker’s thoughts, and keenly concentrating on it are all nuances of being a good listener which enhances your personality to the good.
  2. Read more and expand your interests: Reading has multiple impacts that on the whole develop you into a better individual. It improves your creativity and imagination, broadens your perspective, makes you patient, increases the mind stability, undoubtedly improves your knowledge and makes your communication smoother by improving your vocabulary.
  3. Be genuine: This is a quality that is appreciated the most by a major set of people. Be what you are. It’s not necessary to pretend to be someone better, rather its okay to hold on to your own personality even if it isn't as impressive as your pretentious one.
  4. Have integrity and treat others respectfully: It is important to treat your colleagues, elders, juniors and everyone with utmost respect, irrespective of their financial, social or any other status. Alongside, it is also important to respect your own self and integrity as an individual.
  5. Develop a good sense of humor: A smiling face is a solution to several mental and physical problems. A good sense of humor adds to your personality and helps in controlling your mood in times of difficult situations and critical times. It also helps people in a stressed mood feel better and laugh a tiny bit of laugh which can make their hearts feel a lot lighter.
  6. Be optimistic: Optimism can be a major leaper in your success when used at best times. Staying optimistic in tough situations and finding the best way out of them by fighting hard to win until the end is one of the most impressive factors that lead to a full fledged and well developed personality. There have been instances in the past where staying optimistic until the end has brought about major comebacks in the lives of people who had completely lost hopes.
  7. Be good at conversations: It is important to work extensively on your communication skills. Your choice of words, body language, openness in thoughts and way of delivering ideas play a major role in whether the people will listen to you or not. The only way to overcome this is by naming smooth conversation both in small grouped talks as well as presentation before a huge crowd.
  8. Keep calm: Its been observed that a calm and cool minded person has always had better leadership qualities than someone short-tempered and aggressive. Thus it is very important to keep oneself cool minded even in tough and critical situations. This can be achieved by regular meditation and yoga, reading books and working on one's patience.

All the above regulations when followed with utmost care can make you go from a unnoticed person to a wholesome dynamic personality. All you need to do is change the little habits than always brought you down.

Author :
Grace Serraon


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