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 Use Some Positives To Encourage Your Negatives 

Date of Publish - Saturday, 31st March 2018

Being positive means that you are able to do things that you are provided with and being negative means you are not able to do. So here we are discussing being positive and negative in terms of the work that you can and are able to do, instead not in the terms of nature or character. Every person has some positives and some negatives. We need to strengthen our positivity and decrease the strength of negativity.

It is not easy to do the same as it is to say but what best you can do is to use your positives to encourage negatives. Encouraging negatives again doesn’t imply that you’ll not do any work assigned to you but it is just that you can use your positives to minimize the effect of negatives.

Let us have a look as to what all you can do to enhance your positives’ effect on your negatives:

1. Reward yourself
If you do anything which you earlier weren’t willing to do but somehow got motivated then do reward yourself with anything that you love like maybe a spa appointment, any favorite dish of yours, a mini trip to some nearby place or anything which you feel is rewarding to you.

2. Congratulate yourself
We all congratulate each other on victories or achieving something great or greater heights of success. The same should happen in our case too. Congratulate yourself when you motivate yourself and get things done, all by your own. It might be a work assignment, a project or even a small homely chore. Anything which you don’t feel like doing or working upon but still do or have done.

3. Make a phone call or write a letter
Yes, you can share your happiness of motivation and positivity with anyone you feel like or if don’t have someone at that very instant, then just pen down a letter to yourself or to that person whom you want to call. This would let you share at that time and won’t make you wait to do so.

4. Use mental rewards for yourself like a pleasant scenic location or daydreaming
If not any physical reward like trip or something, you can give yourself a mental reward like imagine yourself at your favorite place with family, friends or partner. You can daydream about anything which you have wished to do in case you had achieved something and have a great time pleasuring it.

5. Draw something or go for running
It does happen sometimes that just some ME time is all that you need to stay motivated and share that motivation with yourself. In that case, time with yourself is all that can help you cherish that moment. So just take pencil and paper and start sketching or drawing whatever you feel like. Don’t pay attention to what you are making, just go for it. Else go out for a run and lead your life your way.

Just change your negatives into positives and happy going!

Author :
Divija Gupta


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