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 Top Remedies For A Slow Computer System 

Date of Publish - Wednesday, 8th November 2017

 Top remedies for a slow computer system.

The Electronic device which is programmed and carried out by a number of logical operations automatically is called a Computer. As the technology is increasing rapidly the use of computers is also increasing. The facilities providing these machines is also increasing.  With the increased usage of computers, some users are facing the problem.

Due to some reasons, their computers are running slow with which they are unable to meet their requirement. So if you follow few steps then you will be able to meet your requirement in time.


It is the time for you to reboot your system. when it is running slowly. 

Background programs

• One of the most important reasons for slow computer programs are the programs that are running in the background and making the computer to run slowly.

• Disable any TSRs and startup program which restart your computer boots automatically Temporary Files

• To increase your computer performance you have to delete the temporary files which are stored on the hard drive. 

• Use Disk Cleanup utility to clean the temporary files. Sometimes the Disk Cleanup may not delete all the temporary files directory, therefore it is suggestible to delete temporary files manually. 


• To clean the temporary files open start menu and type %temp% in the search field which deletes all the temporary files.

 • In the Windows XP click the Run option and enter %temp% in the run field, then press Enter. You can open the temporary folder and can delete all the unnecessary files. 

• Verify the hard drive space whether it is 200 -500 MB or not. This file allows the space for temporary files. Without the sufficient space the hard drive, it affects the system to run slowly. 

   • Regularly Run Scan Disk and Check Disk which verifies the hard drive physical disabilities.

 • You can also Run Defrag with which all the data will be arranged in order for the smooth running of the computer. 

• Today Spyware and malware are causing problems to the computers which make the computer to run slowly.

• The important reason for computers to run slowly is that they are infected with viruses which may cause your computer to run slow. To come over this problem and make your computer run smoothly is scan your computer with Trend Micro’s free Housecall online utility to scan your computer for viruses.

• It is recommended that install antivirus program protects against viruses. 

 • It is better if you verify that there are no conflicts with the Device Manager, which ultimately cause problems to your computer. 

 •   Take necessary steps to install latest Window updates.• Make sure that your system is installed with latest drives. The video drivers sometimes may cause an assortment of problems which lead to slow performance. 

• To meet the latest need it is must for you to store more information which in need more memory. 

It is the right time for you to update yourself by having the latest features and programs to run your computer smoothly.

Update your computer to the latest requirement to avoid slow performance. 

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