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 The New Age Of Wedding Photography In India 

Date of Publish - Saturday, 9th December 2017

The New Age of Wedding Photography in India

A wedding is a memorable event in everybody's life. Everything has to be perfect, there shouldn’t be a single glitch throughout the whole ceremony because.... the latest technology Drone camaras reaches all niches and captures the photos, so Guess what happens. If someone makes a mistake, it will get recorded by the wedding photographers and will haunt you for the rest of your life.

It is only natural that when you’re putting in so much effort into one event, every single second of it should be documented, in high definition, from every angle possible. In fact, drone cameras are the latest trend at weddings these days. These drones, distant relatives of the ones used for security purposes, come fitted with high definition cameras to capture an aerial view of the event, that is, the wedding.

The culture of drones being used to capture a bird’s eye view of the wedding is the main attraction in recent marriage functions. The people of Delhi love to flaunt, and what better way to show off than with seemingly futuristic-looking drones that pay more attention to the guests than the caterers do?

Marriage videos have been synonymous with three-hour long videos for a long time. People have had to wait for at least an hour with their eyes glued to the screen just to catch a glimpse of themselves in the wedding. Also, it is impossible to circulate the video among all the people that you know, as they could be living in other cities or states.To get rid of this problem, a culture of posting videos on WhatsApp and YouTube has begun. These short films could be called “trailers” only difference being that these are released after the actual ceremony.

Pre-wedding photography has been around for some time now, the only thing that is changing is the locations where the couple are photoraphed, and sometimes, the photographers even follow them around in secret to obtain authentic candid moments between the happy couple.

Indian wedding photography is growing at a phenomenal pace and is now being treated like an art. A year from now, there will be an even bigger shift in paradigm, as people are quickly adapting to this new age of wedding photography.

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Tania Joseph IMIA014


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