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 The Endangered Humanity 

Date of Publish - Saturday, 9th December 2017


Walking through the broken windows,
Some young kids cry away.
They see their burned pillows
And their souls begin to sway.

They clutched them in times of sleep.
They hugged them when they were embedded
With sheer joy and love down deep,
At times they were alone in bed.

They were burned to flames
In the gory act
Of frightening blood games
Which violate the silent mankind pact.

They were the pillows of humanity
Which were seen only by those kids.
Now they are a rarity
And on seeing them their faces are joyous and lit.

Rohan Joshi IMIA011



Bobita konwar


Saturday, 09 December 2017


It's so touching!

Saturday, 09 December 2017


Kyaa badd... Kyaa badd... Likhte bhii hoo... 🙂

Sunday, 10 December 2017

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