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 Navika Sagar Parikrama - An Expidition By Indian Women Naval Officers 

Date of Publish - Tuesday, 9th January 2018

Navika Sagar Parikrama - Circumnavigating The Globe on an Indian-built Sail Boat INSV Tarini by Women Naval Officers 

This is the project of Indian Navy which shows the abilities of Indian Women Officers.Navik Sagar Parikrama is the very first move around of the world by all women officers crew.The starting date of their journey is scheduled Sep 17 2017.Both INSV Tarini and INSV Mhadei are sisters. This project is advancing Ocean Sailing ventures in the Indian Navy while women crew is the power representation of Indian Navy as well as Indian Government.

  Capt Dilip Donde commanded India's first solo circumnavigation, from 19 Aug 2009 to 19 May 2010 with the help of INSV Mhadei. Cdr  Abhilash Tomy ventured India's first's solo non-stop circumnavigation, from 01 Nov 12 to 31 Mar 13.

 The crew Officers of INSV Tarini:

 1- Lt Cdr Vartika Joshi, 43077-A

 2-Lt Cdr Pratibha Jamwal, 07109-F

 3-Lt Cdr Swathi P, 07234-R

 4-Lt Aishwarya Boddapati, 43151-W

 5-Lt Sh Vijaya Devi, 70712-H

 6-Lt Payal Gupta, 70724-K

 INSV Tarini is designed and developed by M/s Aquarius Shipyard Pvt Ltd Goa, which is a 55-foot sailing vessel. On 18 Feb 2017, Indian Navy drafted INS Tarini. The vessel has covered 8,000 Nm till this date.Navika Sagar Parikrama will take place in five parts and will take a break (ports where Capt Dilip Donde stoped) for necessary repairs and refillings.

Predicted dates for four stages are as follows:-



Leg Description

Cardinal Dates

Number of Sailing Days


Goa - Fremantle (Australia)

05 Sep 17 – 12 Oct 17



Fremantle (Australia) - Lyttelton (New Zealand)


25 Oct 17 – 16 Nov 17



Lyttelton (New Zealand) - Port Stanley (Falklands)

23 Nov 17 – 28 Dec 17



Port Stanley (Falklands) - Cape Town (South Africa)

10 Jan 18 – 08 Feb 18



Cape Town (South Africa) - Goa

21 Feb 18 – 04 Apr 18


The project is named ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’, is to promote women empowerment in the country and in the field of ocean sailing by the Indian Navy. The expedition will inspire our youth about sailing and sea adventures.This project will develop a positive attitude towards our security forces.It represents our 'Nari Shakti'.

  Added objectives of the Expedition are:-

(a)-Nari Shakti:- This project will give our women a positive attitude to be a part of Nation's pride.In other terms this also promoting Nation Policy to empower women to achieve their full potential, the aims of the voyage is to promote ‘Nari Shakti’ worldwide.Social attitudes and mindset towards women in India will also reduce by putting women in the challenging environment.

(b)-Environment and Climate Change:- Sailing promotes the use of non-conventional renewable energy resources and environment suitable resources.

(c)-Make in India:- INSV Tarini is an indigenous sailboat which is promoting 'Make In India' initiative.

 (d)-Meteorological/ Ocean/ Wave Data Observation:- The crew will verify and update all the data related to ocean/waves on daily basis.This data will help our Research institutes for the better understanding of Oceans/waves and other environmental phenomena.

(e)-Marine Pollution:-    The crew will monitor and report related to the marine pollution in seas and other pollution-related issues.




Author :
Vikas Yadav IMAI005


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