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 Moving Towards A Healthy India - Tele-clinic 

Date of Publish - Friday, 23rd February 2018

We have always fretted about how India lacks even in primary health care, but other than that we have done nothing. Now is the time to get inspired and do our part. The healthcare facilities have been available just near the metro cities, but now with the tele- clinic facilities we can make it accessible to all.

Vishal Upadhyay, an orthopaedic surgeon in the UK and Chief Executive Officer of Agile Healthcare and Rehabilitation services has taken a step forward to improve health care. He will prescribe medicines through video conferencing and the health records will be maintained in electronic database.

The patients will reach to digital dispensaries where all the necessary equipment’s like stethoscope, ECG machine and two nurses will be present. These dispensaries can be set up in the small villages as well thus saving the cost for the people as well.

At present, we have some of these services implemented in Bihar and will soon be all over India. This is a win win situation for all and this way many patients can be treated easily. We hope that more and more doctors associate with this initiative and we can create awareness for the same. Let us help create a country that is Healthy and Safe.

Arushi Singla


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