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 Marital Rape 

Date of Publish - Friday, 1st December 2017


 According to the dictionary - Rape is a crime of forcing someone to have sexual intercourse. Yes, it happens in our society and we all stand against it.

But what is Marital Rape?

Again according to the dictionary – Marital Rape is the Rape committed by the person to whom the victim is married. So the only difference in the above two definitions is that in Marital rape the victim knows the person committing rape very well. Except for this, there is no other difference.

But then why don’t we stand against marital rape? Why do we still believe it as a myth? Why don’t we recognize it as a social issue that is ruining our society? Why is it okay to do a marital rape? Why don’t we stand with the victim? Why don't we believe in their pain and misery? Why can’t we see that whether marital or not RAPE is RAPE? And rape is not supported in any country and in any law.

The difference lays here- in the thinking of people. Just because the girl is married we consider that her husband has the sole proprietorship of her. He is the one and only person after her in-laws who can make her do whatever he wants. The girl is considered to be a private property and she is supposed to do whatever the family wants her to do. She is not allowed to have any stand for herself and her rights. She is a puppet in the hands of her husband and so is her body. He can do anything to her as well as rape her. After all, he is her husband and we are not allowed to speak in somebody’s family matter.

What we see is that marital rape is a family matter and not that it is an illegal act and we should support the victim in every way. The victim’s voice should not be suppressed. There should be proper hearing of the case with proper procedures and the same amount of punishment should be given to the person that is given to anyone who attempts rape.

I believe that our society, our culture, and even our religions demand us to respect women in every form. So when one can worship goddess Durga then one should not forget that every girl is considered Lakshmi of her house. We don’t even know how many women don’t even report about their marital rape because they themselves are not aware of this concept because we have always taught them to Shut up and tolerate this painful violence patiently.

Women everywhere should be taught to stand for themselves and for their thoughts, their thinking and to stay firm in what they believe. Their bodies are not a public property that anyone can use and leave whenever they like. Their body belongs to only them and not even to their husbands. Anyone who tries to rule over their body is not worth their soul.

Marriage is the union of two souls who respect each other in every way and marital rape is not something belonging to a healthy married life. Sexual intercourse is common in marriage but it should be only with the consent of both partners. Nobody should involve in a sexual course only because of their partner.

In Marriage both the partners are supposed to think about each other and take care of each other’s wishes and opinions whether it is related emotionally, mentally or physically

So, the next time you hear about marital rape do not think about it as a myth!

Author :
Anushka Chadha IMIA002





Friday, 01 December 2017

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