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 If It Is Important To You, Then Make It A Priority Instead Of A Wish 

Date of Publish - Friday, 19th January 2018

If it’s important to you, then make it a Priority instead of a Wish. 


This is an imperative life lesson that reasoning instructor showed his understudies.

The educator cleaned up his work area and set over it a couple of things. One of the things was a vacant bricklayer jolt. He continued to top off the container with golf balls until the point when he could fit no more. He took a gander at the classroom and inquired as to whether they concur that the container is full. Each understudy concurred that the jug was undoubtedly full.

The instructor at that point grabbed a case of little stones and emptied them into the container with the golf balls. The rocks filled the majority of the openings in the middle of the golf balls. He inquired as to whether the jug was full.

Presently the educator grabbed a sack of sand and emptied it into the artisan shake. The sand filled in the greater part of the void space left between the golf balls and stones.

At long last, the instructor hauled out two lagers from under his work area and emptied them two into the container filling the void space between the sand. The educator held up until the point that the chuckling halted. "I need you to perceive that this container speaks to your life," he began. "The golf balls speak to the essential things. Your family, kids, wellbeing, companions, and interests. In the event that everything else was lost and just they remained, your life would, in any case, be full.

The stones speak to alternate things in life that issue. The sand - that is, everything else. On the off chance that you put the sand in, to begin with, there is no space for the stones or golf balls.

The same goes forever. On the off chance that you invest the majority of your chance and vitality of the little stuff, you will never have space for the things that are generally critical. Focus on the vital things throughout your life.

Appreciate time with family. Go to supper with your life partner. Play amusements with your children. There will ALWAYS be an ideal opportunity to clean the house or take you shopping.

Deal with the golf balls first - the things that extremely matter. The rest is simply sand. You are expelled."

Prior to the understudies left, one yelled out. "You never said what the brew speaks to!"

The teacher grinned and stated, "Well I'm happy you inquired. The brew just demonstrates to you that regardless of how full your life may appear, there's dependably space to have a lager with a companion."

This was a small lesson for the youth.

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Astha Batra IMIA029


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