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 How To Get Old Kik Messages Back On Iphone? 

Date of Publish - Monday, 6th November 2017

How to get old Kik messages back on iPhone?

The common problem where all the iPhone users are facing is losing old kik messages. Having nearly 280 million users all over the world and facing a problem must need a remedy. First and the foremost thing is to trace out all the reasons for trouble, then it is easy to rectify.  Some of the common mistakes to lose the old kik messages are –

1. By mistake, the user may delete the messages.

2. There are chances for the ios devices to damage.

3. The user may lose his kik messages by the failure of jailbreak.

4. Data lost due to ios updates.

5. iPhone may be stuck and lose data.

6. There are chances for the system to crash on iPhone.

7. The user may lose his old messages because of the virus.

8. The user device may hang or the user may forget his password.
The unimaginable and inconvenience situation for the users if they lose the important information, and kik informs its users that it is not responsible for the stored messages, and its server doesn't store any users’ important information on their server.But don’t worry for every problem there is a solution. Hope that this article may guide you to get back your old kik messages on iPhone.The software was developed to recover the lost data. There are three ways to recover iPhone data. This software helps the user to recover photos, contacts, kik messages, videos and much more.

The software developed for iPhone data recovery works in different situations. Some of the features of the data recovery are –The user can preview and scan the lost data through this iPhone data recovery.The iPhone data recovery software helps you to download iTunes and iCloud backup files, where the Apple users are not allowed to read the content of these backup files.If you find your lost data in the scan result, then just with one click you can preview the content at the same time you can print the content.The iPhone data recovery file recovers nearly 18 different file types like messages, videos, WhatsApp, any important notes, history and much more.Once if you scan your device, then you can choose your lost data, and then you can recover it to your device.As this iPhone data recovery is highly compatible, you can use software for all the latest models of iPhone, iPad etc.

Steps to recover the kik messages.If the user has to recover the lost data, there is an opportunity for the user to get back the information if he had created the iPhone backup immediately the moment he lost the information. There is a chance for the user to get back all the messages back to his device.Simple steps to get back the kik conversations back.It is not possible to get back the information directly from the application because the Kik doesn’t store information on its server. So by using the backups, one can get back the necessary information back to his device.Make sure not to restore a backup to your iPhone if you need only to get back your kik data because the backup may remove the data created after the backup was taken.

Follow the easy steps to get your lost kik data from iPhone if you have iTunes or iCloud backup.How to restore the kik conversation data from iCloud?Initially, you have to check the iCloud back, for that go to Settings>iCloud> Backup, if backup shows “on”, then automatically you can preview your lost data. Don’t hit the “backup” button at this stage, as it may overwrite your backup.Your iPhone Backup Extractor will restore all the kick messages, before restoring be sure that your iPhone is neither charging nor connected to USB if so it will overwrite on the recent backup.

Steps:1. Download backup extractor, ios versions and install for Mac OS X or windows supporter.

2. Click on “Access iCloud backup, under preferences.

3. In the navigation menu, under “File”, select the “Add button” or “+” button.

4. Sign in to the iCloud account and give username and password.

5. Click on the “Devices button to restore your messages. There are three inspecting tabs for your backup, out of those three select “Categories button and again select “Everything Else”, click the download button.6. After completion of download click “ok” button.

Select the backup which you have created and then, Go to Preview, where there is a list of all messages, select the necessary information and click “Extract”. Choose CSV type file to save all the files as text. If you want to open them in a browser then choose the HTML type of files.

Save the data and click “ok” button, and wait until you see the extraction successful”, message.How to recover data from ios Device?

Steps:1. The initial step to recover your lost data through ios device is connected to your computer with ios device. Launch Dr.Fone to your system by using USB cable with your ios device and connect to your iPhone, automatically the ios device show “recovery from ios device”.Tips: Before starting, just download the latest version of iTunes. Be sure not to run the Dr.Fone when you are launching iTunes.

Step 2. You have to scan your device for lost data.You have to click on the “Scan” button, and let the program to complete. If you Preview your lost data then press the pause button to stop the process

step 3. Preview the Scanned informationAfter completion of scanning, you can see both lost and existing data on your device according to the categories.If you want to restore only the lost data, then you can select the option “only display the lost data” to ON. By doing so you can see the lost data.Step 3. Recovery data from iTunes backup after the data displayed in the categories, preview before you start your recovery. Press the “Recovery “button, then all the information directly you can see on your ios device, it is connected through USB cable while the process is going on. You can see it in the search box, from there you can search the required file.


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