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I Accepted "Hara Hai Toh, Bhara Hai" #GreenChallenge, What About You?

Plant 3 Trees and Nurture them for 3 years.
Pass the Challenge to 3 others.
A Green Revolution, A Green Resolution

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 Global Warming, A Serious Threat To The Future Generations 

Date of Publish - Saturday, 6th January 2018


Global warming is caused by an excess of carbon dioxide and greenhouses gases in the atmosphere.

In Earth's atmosphere, there is a portion of the ozone layer. It consists of different layers and is made up of nitrogen, oxygen. The ozone layer is very important as it helps to protect earth from ultraviolet radiation.

There are three main important types of ultraviolet radiation. They are UV-A, UV-BUV-C.
In the above three layers, UV-C is the most dangerous to humans, if we didn’t get protected from that layer it will be difficult for humans survival. Because of UV-B, there will because of skin cancer and sunburns.

Nowadays, we are coming across a lot of changes in the climate, due to high pollution. There is a saying “prevention is better than cure”. So our government, people of India and around the world should consider this as a serious threat as it costs crores of lives.
We should concentrate more on planting trees as much as possible, decreasing usage of plastic as it doesn’t degrade easily. Industries have to take necessary measures because of industries releasing poisonous gases and polluting the air. Because of all that air is getting polluted and there is a formation of thick smoke, which causes respiratory problems.

Change cannot be done overnight, but it’s high time to think about our own earth, climate.If climate shows its extreme side, there will be no humankind on this planet.


Author :
Sai Lakshmi Mandapaka IMIA040


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