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  • SDG 14 is ‘Life Below Water :Plastic pollution. Increasing levels of debris in the world’s oceans are having a major environmental and economic impact. Marine debris impacts biodiversity through entanglement or ingestion
  • SDG 14 is ‘Life Below Water :Coastal waters are deteriorating due to pollution and eutrophication. Without concerted efforts, coastal eutrophication is expected to increase in 20 percent of large marine ecosystems by 2050.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Ocean acidification has increased significantly in recent decades. Open Ocean sites show current levels of acidity have increased by 26 per cent since the start of the Industrial Revolution.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Oceans absorb about 30 per cent of carbon dioxide produced by humans, buffering the impacts of global warming.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Oceans provide key natural resources including food, medicines, biofuels and other products. They help with the breakdown and removal of waste and pollution, and their coastal ecosystems act as buf

 Experts Acknowledgement 

Date of Publish - Tuesday, 7th November 2017

Experts Acknowledgement

Most of the people are conscious about their beauty care and health tips. But due to this busy work schedule sometimes they were neglecting to take care of their body. Many are in the opinion that following a strict diet plan and consulting the medical practitioner is enough to have a healthy life. Along with these, you have to follow the experts advises which gives you more information than simply following the diet. 


The first and the foremost advice from the diet expert is that one has to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water in a day. Fitness experts say that while taking water if you add a few drops of lemon to your water, then it works more effectively. Adding lemon to your water burns fat and extra calories in your body. 

Consume less food

Second advice from the expert team given to the people those who want to lose weight is, usually people are food lovers, in that case, they follow the diet plan for a few days, later on, they try to convince their mind. What experts say is people need not follow a strict diet for years together, they suggest a simple way to lose weight is –consume less food or take mini meals two or three times a day instead of two big heavy meals. They also suggested to eat slowly and chew the food properly. Otherwise, there are chances for you to consume more calories than you require. 

Outside food

An important information given by the expert team is that never buy outside food for weight loss diet. Always better choose healthy, nutritious food which can be prepared at home. By eating healthy nutrient food definitely, makes you lose weight effortlessly. Before you plan a shopping trip make sure to buy the necessary food items for your diet. 

Salad and Soup

Yoga experts say that taking salad or soup as a starter helps people in weight loss treatment. Diet experts say that loading your meal with large veggies, meat, nuts keep you healthy and helps you in weight loss diet program. 

Regular Time

People who are following the weight loss diet should take their food at regular intervals. If they become ravenous, there is a chance for them to eat more food. Maintaining a long gap between meals may result in overeating.  So it is always suggestible that take your meals at regular intervals to avoid overeating.  Drink juices of carrot, ginger, cauliflower, and cucumber every day, which gives energy as well as reduce your weight. 


Research shows that taking almonds from time to time controls the blood sugar levels and almonds contain high Vitamin E in it, which benefits you not to feel hungry.  Eat Proteins:  To lead a healthy lifestyle, Fitness experts suggest to eat proteins at every meal. 


Carbohydrates give energy to our body. Make sure to take an equal proportion of carbohydrates in your diet plan.

Weight loss diet plan for diabetic patients

Diabetic patients need to be careful before starting their weight loss diet plan. They have to add only those food items which should not disturb their blood sugar levels. Before starting their diet they have to consult their doctor for better results. Some of the instructions to be followed by the diabetic patients before starting their weight loss diet plan. 

 Roasted vegetables

They have to add roasted vegetables in their diet plan. Vegetables like mushrooms, onions, eggplant, tomatoes, and sprouts, which are with low carbs. 

Green Salad

Along with the regular salads, diabetic patients have to take kale and spinach salads which helps them in their diet control.

Symptoms you should not ignore while following the weight loss diet: Weakness:

sometimes you may get weakness when you are following the diet plan. Do remember if you get weakness in arms and leg, it may be a sign of a stroke. Don’t neglect, consult your doctor immediately.

Chest pain

If you get any chest pain which is accompanied by breathlessness or nausea or if you get sweating, chest pain is a symptom of heart disease. Better consult your doctor.Along with these symptoms if you have any pain in the lower leg, blood in your urine, wheezing or if you get any suicidal thoughts, then consult your doctor don’t neglect. Always remember “Prevention is better than cure”. So instead of suffering later better reach the doctor in time and take his suggestion.

Follow few tips and try to lose your weight.


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