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 Don't Leave Things For Tomorrow When You Can Have It Done Today 

Date of Publish - Wednesday, 28th March 2018

“Time doesn’t wait for anyone. It keeps going and plays its part”
Time actually doesn’t wait anyone. Time just keeps on going and going and plays with people. You can’t stop time as per your convenience or comfort. It won’t go with your sayings or words; instead you have to abide by time.

All of us have some or the other kind of laziness. Either we are lazy in doing our work, or in doing others’ work. Even the most active person in the world would possess some kind of laziness. But the worst thing of being lazy is to put up things for next day despite knowing the fact that it can be done today. Issue is not that you have put things for tomorrow, but the issue is that when tomorrow comes and becomes today, that activity or task is again put for the next tomorrow and the chain goes on and on until we run out of time. And when the D-day is nearing, panic and fear is what surrounds us leading to mishappening or something going unexpectedly wrong.

Let suppose, there was an urgent need to start preparing for a test in school or college. We put it up for tomorrow thinking that today we are tired, or are busy with something else and a lot of excuses. This goes on for 4-5 days. Now the test is on the next day and we aren’t let with much time to prepare. Obviously, we can’t put it on the next day because the test is tomorrow only. Now we would be worried and panic and won’t prepare well.

This happens every time we delay things for the next day. Start thinking, gear up and get back to work.

Author :
Divija Gupta


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