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  • SDG 14 is ‘Life Below Water :Coastal waters are deteriorating due to pollution and eutrophication. Without concerted efforts, coastal eutrophication is expected to increase in 20 percent of large marine ecosystems by 2050.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Ocean acidification has increased significantly in recent decades. Open Ocean sites show current levels of acidity have increased by 26 per cent since the start of the Industrial Revolution.
  • SDG 14 is Life Below Water :Oceans absorb about 30 per cent of carbon dioxide produced by humans, buffering the impacts of global warming.
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 Control Your Sweet Home With A Smartphone. 

Date of Publish - Thursday, 21st December 2017

Control your sweet home with a Smartphone.

Human psychology is bound to certain obsessions and fixations. No one is free from that. The only thing is few are very serious and others ignore. Through this article, I want to subdue the people who are more serious about their psychological phobia.

As we are in the serious scarcity of our natural resources, controlling our electrical and electronic appliances with our smartphone, which is everyone’s affordable and compulsory device is a spark thought to come over from the critical scarcity problem.

A smart idea entered into the 25-year young minds, Virang Jhaveri and Niket Sarvaiya.

How to control your house with your Smartphone? Are you surprised?

Don’t worry, be happy, now you can control your home with your smartphone. These are the words said by our young designers.

Virang Jhaveri started thinking scientifically and wrote his first line of code at the age of nine. Niket Sarvaiya started acquiring all the possible skills to shape his thoughts. Digitisation of electronic and electrical appliances is necessary, but making it affordable and reachable to every niche corner is very important says our duo designers.

Virang worked as a software engineer later shifted as a freelancer as a web developer. Niket worked as a Digital Marketing head and later changed as a graphic designer and also settled as a creative consultant in Picostone.

The first product of Picostone includes “Basic”, “Polar” and “Mods”. The first and the foremost product “Basic” is a small box which has to be fixed behind the switchboard and lets one controls all the electrical appliances through the smartphone from anywhere in the world.

This pocket-sized device is capable of controlling four devices include tube lights, fans, LED’s simultaneously that follow the same technical specifications. This can control the speed, brightness and temperature.

To install Basic is very easy and the things required are phone and wifi. After it is fixed one can access its usage and even they can control by switching it on and off.

The “Polar” is a small plug-and-play device it is as small as a charger and can control the Television set-up box, air conditioners, audio systems and other remote-controlled devices.

The third Mods is a modular smart-home system. These are the extensions that are to be connected to “Basic” to control devices that are working with higher voltages.

To step into your automation home think about the small device which can control all your electronic and electrical devices.

Let’s appreciate our duo designers for providing us with a necessary product.

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Thursday, 21 December 2017

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