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 #capital Struggles To Breathe 

Date of Publish - Thursday, 21st December 2017

#Capital struggles to breathe

Similar to the past year this year too the Air Quality Index of Delhi came down and made every living being difficult to inhale. The schools and colleges were shut down for weeks. Although the government took an initiative step by introducing odd-even vehicle turn to run on roads, it did not give the result as expected.

Every citizen faced a lot of difficulties to drive on roads. And after a few days, the capital came to normal. And in the current year once again the capital struggles. Since the Supreme Court ordered certain part of the capital not to burst crackers during Diwali to reduce the pollution, but there is no such improvement in the air quality.

After Diwali, the air became unfit to breathe and the government announced environmental emergency and once again the schools were closed and the government asked the builders to halt the construction carried out in the capital.

Apart from Industrial and construction pollution, there are some more reasons, that is due to the burning of stubbles in the paddy fields in the nearby states of Punjab and other regions. The polluted particles travel through air and mix with the atmosphere in the capital.

The ruling party of the capital has certain ideas such as increasing the parking lot charges and free public transport for a week and also the officials of the Delhi are talking with the officials of Punjab to find the alternative methods to use the stubbles in the field and organizing awareness among the farmers.

Apart from Introducing the BSIV vehicles this year the central government also approved for the BSVI fuel to use from 2018 to reduce the pollution emitting from the vehicles. This is the time to wake up to protect our environment.

The government should also work for long time solution and the people should cooperate to bring back our environment fit for our survival by planting a large number of trees in their surroundings and come forward to use public transport at least twice a day in a week and also aware the upcoming generation about the effects of pollution.

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Balaji IMIA027


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