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 Charming Chhillar Chilled The World With Her Beauty 

Date of Publish - Sunday, 19th November 2017

Charming Chhillar Chilled The World With Her Beauty

A brown hair glittering eyes beauty pageant chilled the world with her beauty. A winsome daughter of an Ideal Mother India. She is inherent in the Indian Womanhood where mother deserves the highest respect.

Manushi Chillar the 21 year old from Haryana was coronet Miss World in a shining event at Sanya in China.

It is a matter of great pride and jubilation for the whole of India on the occasion where its daughter was placed on the highest pedestal not only on the grounds of physical beauty but also on all aspects of human personality. A girl of a very tender age at 21 could achieve the highest honor amongst the young woman from all over the world.

The very fact that she took her mother as a role model in shaping her overall personality in keeping her in good stead amongst several aspirants hailing from all parts of the globe.

She has displayed the exemplary beauty of the Indian family in which the mother is given the most respectable position in shaping the lives, career, and character of her children and this great feature runs in her veins she got as legacy since over thousands of years in this great land of India that is Bharat.

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